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This page features Special Websites: those sites which deserve a special mention due to the content or service they provide.

Child Rescue Nepal
formerly The Esther Benjamins Trust
A Charity whose workers are dedicated to rescuing and recovering children from slavery.

Please click this link for updated news by Philip Holmes, formerly the CEO of The Esther Benjamins Trust

A website with a beautiful mission - helping those who are homeless.

A Christian aid website - linking churches, organizations and individuals around the world with a mission for transformational change.

Marys Meals
A charity that feeds children in schools around the world.

Starlight Children’s Foundation
Starlight Children’s Foundation grants wishes of a lifetime to seriously and terminally ill children; and entertains children with fun and laughter in every hospital and hospice throughout the UK. Starlight’s aim is to provide a special wish for every single child who needs one, giving them the opportunity to fulfill their life’s ambition, whatever the future holds.

Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child is open for anyone in the UK to take part - see their website for details.

Marie Curie  
The Great Daffodil Appeal - this charity offers help to anyone living with terminal illness so they can spend their final moments at home with those they love.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution - sign up for a fundraising pack

Read the heart-warming stories of how homeless people have turned their lives around through having hope and help - and be inspired. Emmaus Communities offer homeless people a home, work and the chance to rebuild their lives in a supportive environment.

Throw a lifeline to the homeless and those in need: this website details how it aims to help by giving advice on practical issues e.g., dental treatment, eye tests and even glasses. Advice is offered on education and employment and much more. Donations assist these workers in achieving year-round services for the health and wellbeing of those in need.

We have some beautiful legends here in Wales, and one of them is about Melangel - a Celtic maiden from Ireland in AD 604. She came to live in the Tanat Valley, Powys in Wales. The essence of the legend is that Prince Brochwel Ysgithrog of Pengwern, Powys with his huntsmen were hunting hares one day and gave chase to one hare which retreated into the dense woods. When the Prince chased after the hare he found it safe and sheltered by Melangell who was meditating; the hare had found sanctuary at the hem of her dress. The Prince was so taken with her peacefulness that he vowed he would give her land so that she could continue her mission of helping others. A sacred shrine now marks the place where Melangell’s remains are buried and nearby is a hospice which continues in her name. For those wishing to learn more about the shrine of Melangell visit:


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